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Precision mold making is one of the important industries that is involved in our life. The global mold making industry is currently in a strong growth period which is expected to be sustained over the next several years. Many of these successful mold making companies are facing the need to diversify their mould markets to find new business and also are interested in transforming this old industry in such a way as to strengthen the overall competitiveness of the industry as well as augmenting its capacity. From design to mold making to manufacturing, the mold manufacturer community is looking for solid, practical advice.

Custom moulding can be characterized by three major requirements: High quality, short lead times combined with high flexibility, and low volume production. Mould quality is crucial because parts are designed for maximum performance and operated at their limits. The main advantages of rapid manufacturing are shortened lead times that permit a later design freeze, as well as greater geometric mould making freedom. It is crucial to find applications where these advantages compensate for the inherently inferior properties of RM parts for mould maker. New applications of RM will emerge mould material properties, mould dimensional tolerances, and mould part repeatability.

Why mould customization needs to be local
and rapid manufacturing can play a key in this activity

Mould tool manufacturers from almost all industries are currently evaluating the purchase of tools from Asia, or have even established supplier relations there – for local or global applications.

This is also true for other mold manufacturers who face massive cost pressure and relocate part of their production, not only to follow their customers but also to serve new customers in the target markets. Cost savings from 40% to 70% are possible, but the process of finding the right supplier of mould tool and mould material is intense and the necessary input very high. Which die and mold manufacturers are suitable to be sourced from China or India, and what cost savings are realistic? How can a good cooperation with local mold tool builders be established, and what kind of input is necessary? What are the relevant mould making facts to be kept in mind when establishing your own die and mold making production?

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