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Technical Factors for Mould Making

Generally speaking, standard mould base and parts can reduce time and cost for its production and mold making price, structure, and processing complexity should also be taken into consideration. When there are special demands, modify mould part structure, mould sizes, mould material or even redesign mould base would be reconsidered.

1. Decide on the size of mould base and insert - Plastic injection mould

Mould base and insert size for common plastic moulds, the following is a reference.
A--Distance between insert sidd and plate side
B--Distance between fixed die insert bottom and plate bottom
C--Distance between moving die insert bottom and plate bottom
D--Distance between product and insert side
E--Distance between highest point of product and insert bottom
H--Thickness of moving plate ( when mould base is A type)
X--Product height

Mould Base and Insert Size For Common Plastic Moulds
Mould base and insert size for common plastic moulds

a. When product height exceeds (product height X≥D) D should be increased, the increased value ΔD=(X-D)/2.

b. Sometimes, insert size is adjusted according to the need of cooling system so can get better cooling result.

c. If complex structure need special parting or knockout or if side parting need sliders, adequate adjustment to insert and mould base size and plate thickness should be make according to different condition to ensure hardness of mould base.

2. Decide on plate height

Plate height sould be more than the ejection stroke by 5-10mm, so that when the ejection complete, ejector fixing plate will not bump into moving plate or carrying plate.

3. decide on integrate structure of mould base

After deciding on a gerneral mould base, we need to checkout the whole frame to ensure it is suitable for customer’s injection machine. We should check the dimension, thickness, max opening stroke, knockout system and ejection stroke, etc..

4. decide on insert material

Insert material should have four features:
1. hardness
2. wearing quality
3. intensity and ductility
4. corrosion resistancy
Insert material is decided by the quantity of the products and the plastic type.

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