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When finding elite die and mould makers, procurers tend to search on the mold tool manufacturers in China, although they are some countries in Asia are more dedicated in this mould industry. Let our precision analysis help you to find out where the other mould makers are.


International currency exchange-rate inequities and to ensure domestic mold manufacturers helping customers meet their market requirements are key reasons why U.S. OEMs are migrating to Asia. One way mold makers can compete is to follow the money overseas. In the future, the injection mold product will be coordinated with photo electricity and 3C/IC industry. A precise mould product will be composed by the faster system, therefore the precise electronic mold coordination development and the high quality injection mold product with global supply would be the next mould industry's important development direction.

Die and Mold maker, Thailand

In Thailand, auto part mould makers act as main leading manufactuers for mould and die industry. To encourage the well-established position of Thai auto-parts manufacturing industry as the Detroit of Asia, Thailand's auto-parts output in the first quarter of 2008 grew by 35.66%, amounting to USD 2,794 millions compared with the previous year. As the government backs the expansion of the auto-parts production and the ever-increasing market, the die and mold making industry in Thailand is expected for significant growth. Future Prospects: Thailand is one of the major world producers of automobiles, electrical appliances, and electronics which are the main linkage industries of the die and mold industry. As these mould making industries are expanding dramatically, the die and mold manufacturers are on the positive trend. Powerful industrialized country such Japan has increased its investment in this sector in Thailand which indicates the high opportunity for growth of die and mold manufacturing in the future.

The growth of die and mold manufacturing in Thailand
The growth of die and mold manufacturing in Thailand

Die and Mold maker, Taiwan

The current production and design capabilities of die and mold makers in Taiwan are primarily based on technologies transferred by Japanese mould companies that invested in Taiwan in the1960s and 1970s and trained Taiwan toolmakers. Such training allowed the Taiwan Mold and Die industry to advance rapidly from the production of simple mould products to the manufacture of medium-precision mould and more complex Die and Mold maker from Taiwan producers are known for their short lead times and competitive prices.

Today, mould and die competition is fierce! There are more mould and die competitors offering more choices and more ways to purchase with precision mould machines. Mould customers are more demanding and have higher expectations for their mould productions. There's greater price resistance to overcome. Profit margins are slimmer and buying decisions take longer.

Die and Mold maker, Russia

In Russia, there are very few mould tool makers with a capacity to build up the necessary know how themselves. As expected by the OEMs and their suppliers, international manufacturers of dies and moulds should fill this gap.

Die and Mold maker, India

The Indian, mold tool makers are one step ahead in their development: both as local mould makers or as a source for mold tools to be used outside India. In addition, more and more European mold maker is evaluating the possibility of integrating India and China in their international strategies.

Die and Mold maker, China

A new round of mold making industry adjustment is happening around the world, some mould factories are moving to developing countries, and China is becoming the place where you find cheap die and mold manufacturers. In recent years, foreign capital invested in mold making industry has increased. It has been a tendancy of developed countries move their mould factories into China. These tendancy shows that China mold manufacturer has gained the chances for development, and the challenge in advanced tech and high quality for mold making products.

Statistics showed that total output of China mould industry ranked No. 3 in the world, next to Japan and America. Auto, motorcycle and electric appliances take up over 80% of the whole market. Take auto parts moulds for example, total mold making auto parts are needed by a car are about 4000 sets, with total value of 0.2-0.3 billion yuan; a refrigerator need about 350 sets of moulds in all which value about 4 million yuan. According to authoritative report, China has been the No. 1 mold maker manufacturing country. Their main manufacturing products are mould, plastic injection mould, mould tooling, plastic mould, injection molding machine.

Even though Russia, India, China, Thailand and Taiwan are often mentioned in the same context, market structures and market players are very different from each other.

The technological development of the emerging die and mold markets in Asia is being pushed by international die and mold manufacturers setting up production there. For example, all prominent international car or auto-parts manufacturers are building up capacities locally and expecting their suppliers to do the same. On the other hand, local die and mold making companies have to face new requirements for more precise moulds and dies.

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